Krell Has Acquired A Patent For One Button Pressing System
Apr 08, 2019

One button pressing system, characterized in that the assembly of the button cover and the upper cover can realize the pressing function, and the spring provides the resilience; through the button cover, the pressing force can be transmitted to the button and converted into an electric signal; the card on the button The hook groove of the hook and the button cover is designed to fix the button cover so as not to fall off from the upper cover; at the same time, by reasonably simplifying the structure of the plastic part, that is, one side wall of the recessed structure is an open structure, the gap is placed horizontally The cover surface and the inclined surface overlap, 

the notch setting can simplify the structure of the production mold, and the button cover and the product upper cover are more easily demoulded; the utility model improves the function of the button and reduces the production cost.

patent number: CN 208596631U

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