Fitness Watch With Exercise Heart Rate Monitoring
Dec 21, 2018

Nowadays more and more people attach importance to sports, and healthy life has become their goal. Sports watches have become their must-have sports equipment, not only measuring speed, distance steps, but also measuring heart rate.

The slim design of the fitness watch brings more sports guidance, providing accurate speed, distance measurement and heart rate monitoring, helping sports enthusiasts to achieve their sports goals, and different series of sports for running, fitness, outdoor climbing, etc. It depends on the way you exercise. Users can use the iOS version of the PolarFlow application for data synchronization, or use the microUSB cable to transfer data to a PC or Mac. The same microUSB cable can also be used to charge the PolarM400 smart watch with professional performance.

Fitness watch is very suitable for measuring heart rate when exercising in the gym, supporting sports modes such as riding, running, indoor running, walking, etc., with sports step, Bluetooth listening song, GPS real-time trajectory, exercise heart rate monitoring; all-weather display function; intelligent notification Reminder; and Alipay fast payment (Android system) and other functions; fitness watch equipped with a 1.34-inch reflective low-power color display, resolution of 320 × 300, the dial will always remain "visible" state, users can not only view at any time Information such as time and exercise data is more convenient to view during exercise.

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